“You can not entertain weak, harmful, negative thoughts ten hours a day and expect to bring about beautiful, strong and harmonious conditions by ten minutes of strong, positive, creative thought.” —- Charles Hannel

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Change​ yourself first

Learning to understand yourself is one of the greatest challenges that most of us will face on this planet. Most of us go around with our heads buried in the sand hoping for something to change but that's not how it works. you have to do the work for it to work. Siobhan@reconsileyourself.com Most of... Continue Reading →

Be your best

Do your best Be your best At the end of life You were you best So If you can Be all you can Not in materialistic way But in realest form you can be Don't pretend Written by Siobhan


Simple answer in my opinion is being so comfortable in your own skin that nothing can shake that feeling well not very often anyway 🙂 Sounds so simple but it’s not really that simple is it ? Unfortunately, what happens is a lot of people are not living by their own values, instead, someone else’s.... Continue Reading →

Finding Inner – peace

Inner - peace is something we all want, yet, while looking for it the majority of us don’t know what the hell we are looking for in the process. You see inner - peace just like music is not the same for everyone. One person’s inner - calm may be the idea of having a... Continue Reading →

Accept everything as it is right now & change your life :)

What is self - acceptance? It is exactly what it sounds like, the acceptance of yourself. Seems so simple doesn’t it, yet, so many of us either don’t know what it is or understand it in the slightest. The minute people hear anything like this, the first thing they usually say is “oh no not... Continue Reading →

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