I decided to name my blog “itsallaboutyu” firstly because YOU was taken 🙂 and in reality it really is all about us. But, unfortunately we really don’t understand this concept as it is not something we are thought growing up.

When, we finally realise everything really is up to us, that is exactly when you take full charge of your life. Speaking from experience, I really didn’t understand this at all. I waited for people to tall me its ok to do this, that and the other. I was a people pleaser, approval seeker, all of it.

Something within will tell you to wake up and realise this is not who you are. There may be a sense of uncomfortableness, awkwardness, you don’t fit in, this one is usually because we don’t, we’re around the wrong people and will people please to fit in.

When, this happens take full charge and find out what YOU are trying to understand and tell yourself.

I found reading, meeting new people and travel very helpful. They really opened my eyes to who I was not, my beliefs, everything I was not.

Something else that sounds so simple, but until we really understand this, it means nothing.

“We always have a choice.”

Such a true statement but until this is actually fully understood its useless. for example, If someone comes from a very dysfunctional family how would they understand they have a choice??? Their choices are usually made for them they have no sense of self. But, if they do finally wake up and choose to live the same way, then, that is their choice.


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