The Mind can be your best friend or worst enemy choose wisely.

Okay, first things first. The mind, the most complicated thing in the world, in my opinion, when it is not understood. 

As we grow our caregivers and our environments play a huge role, in our life. They pass on their beliefs as the truth about the world, because that is what they know. The trick is as you get older, to be curious, question everything and yes I mean everything. I’m not suggesting their beliefs to be wrong, they just might not be what YOU believe to be true.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence.

Albert Einstein

Have you ever met or know someone in your life, who holds such strong beliefs that they will not, under any circumstances, budge or even see where you are coming from in a conversation. They will, however, argue with you about everything you say because they have to be right and believe, they always are. Its their core beliefs, that are so strongly instilled within them, they don’t see where you are coming from, ever. Their point of view is all that matters to them. The problem with this kind of person is they don’t see change, their mind is so programmed to only see their point of view it makes being around them, unbelievably overbearing.

On the other scale of things there is the person who is not so stuck in their ways and is open to change. They know how to listen while being assertive if necessary, but can be very polite at the same time. They, also have strong core beliefs but do not let them take over their whole life. They can see where others are coming from without the necessity to argue, in order to prove a point.

Both examples above are how we use and control our own minds. We can be negative or positive it really is up to us. Example number one will not go to far that is for sure it is a completely negative mind frame to have.

What we think; we become



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