Some of the benefits of deep breathing for overall well being

The breath. It is something we all have use of freely but take it for granted every single day. It is the most necessary and useful thing in the world yet it is often not even acknowledged.

There are so many ways it helps us

  1. The next time something crops up that makes you stressed out or agitated. Breath deeply for at least 5 counts. Breath in slowly for 4 hold for 2 and out for 4. It’s a great way to release unwanted tension without blowing a casket.
  2. Doing a breathing meditation can benefit us in so many way. It is a great way to gain clarity on intruding emotions & feelings. Try it at lease once.
  3. It is a natural pain-killer.
  4. Cleanses every system in the body, releasing toxins and regulating all the organs.
  5. Helps with creating a space in your life that is very helpful & useful to you. Instead of paying for an outside source to help with issues, realize you have a very powerful source with you all the time. No, it will not get rid of problems, difficult but it will, control how you respond.
  6. If you’re in any way into fitness. The next time, use your breath. It really will surprise you just how much longer you get at the workout or how little your muscles hurt afterwards.
  7. Breathing correctly throughout a yoga session tones muscle.
  8. It has serious healing benefits
  9. Breathing deeply through pain can release endorphins
  10. Yes, we breathe everyday, but, we don’t consciously do it. Breathing deeply & consciously is excellent for mental health.

There are so many more it’s definitely worth researching & trying out the different techniques.

It’s a taboo subject I have heard people say how could breathing help with anything don’t be so stupid. My response would usually be, well, its keeping you alive isn’t it.



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