Rumination is very bad for your overall well being. Here are some ideas on how to get a better understanding of why its happening & how to stop it

Over thinking is something we all do at one point or another. Our thoughts just run wild from one subject to another. When this process is not understood, we more so than not, actually do believe what we are thinking.

Our minds have a funny way of confusing the life out of us sometimes. If we could just realize, a thought is just a thought, it is not a fact. When we overthink, our minds actually start to believe, what we are thinking is true.

How to change this type of mental pattern ?

Become the investigator of your own mind. Dissect the the thoughts try get to the bottom of the rumination. Ask yourself

  1. Why do I keep thinking about this
  2. Is there a past issue, that is, related to it in some way
  3. Maybe there is an answer to a past issue
  4. Is there a lesson to be learned

 If there is worry involved in the rumination, why?

  1. Is worrying really going to change anything
  2. Can you take action to change it
  3. If you can’t change it adjust your focus.

Is there problem that needs addressing in your life. If yes, what can you do to change it.

  1. How can your reduce the stress of this problem
  2. Will thinking in a negative manner help you
  3. Can you ask for help

Realize that rumination is not going to help you in any way possible. However, becoming aware of how you think is what will help you.

Ask yourself this. How, can over thinking into rumination help, me, in any way possible. Using your mind to think of useful ways to change the outcome is one thing but sitting around thinking & thinking & thinking is going to do nothing but make you sick. Mentally & physically.

Bring a time to mind when, you were in a very stressful time of life, unsure of what to do. Was it the over thinking that changed that situation or your action. I’m going to assume your answer is action.

Start a thought journal for yourself try & write in it every day especially when your thoughts are erratic. This is great way to bring awareness to your mind in plain black & white exactly how your thinking. It’s a great way to gain clarity. I’ve done this myself. It was wake up call I really needed 🙂



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