Do you know what your core beliefs are & are they actually yours or are they based on what you learned growing up

Please be advised I am not not referring to religion in this post. A lot of people automatically think, belief = religion of some sort. I am referring to your subjective view of yourself & the world.

Everyone has a core belief system. It is our internal & external dialogue which we will eventually take for granted & live by if we don’t challenge it.

We start to accumulate beliefs along the journey of life. Starting in childhood, they develop from what we are being thought from our caregivers and environments. They can be about ourselves, other countries, people, anything !!!!

However, the ones who pass them on, are just passing on their core beliefs to be the truth. Some will argue with them – but most will accept beliefs as fact. After all, why would they say it if it is not true. Unfortunately, they never challenged it, so they think it is.

This is why the beliefs go deep into the subconscious, where they become the foundation of our reality. Think about it, what do you believe & don’t know why ?

For example; you may have been told “Everyone in Ireland has red hair, loves to drink oh and don’t forget the leprechaun’s”. Great story, told by people who have never visited Ireland, but have been told this by someone else who probably didn’t either by someone else. I’m Irish it’s not true sorry 🙂

A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence
David Hume

Examples of Beliefs;

  1. I’m a loser, can’t get anything right, Stupid. Where are these thoughts coming from ? Did someone say things to you that you now believe. They are not true ….
  2.  I can’t go to, because, im a blah or I don’t blah??? You put this one together.
  3. I wouldn’t go to that country because the people, the food, the culture is different. This is a great one to trap yourself in the comfort zone & keep your mind closed forever. Travel opened my mind so much, that now, I question everything. Recently, I travelled to America, a lot of people said, be very careful of areas like the Bronx, Brooklyn etc. Before I would have shit myself at the thoughts of it. Nowadays, I will do and/or question what someone tells me not to because I want to know why. I stayed in Brooklyn & visited everywhere people said not to. I got my own opinion.
  4. A pit bull is a very dangerous breed of dog. Yes it is in their nature. However, its down to the owner & how they train & treat the dog that will determine their behaviour. If the owner uses bullying tactics (hitting, punching, screaming ) as a way of training  eventually the dog is going to be terrified of everything & always on guard making it more likely to attack from the fear instilled in it, they will see everything as a threat. But, if the owner shows the dog nothing but love using treats, positive encouragement, & play time as a way of training its less likely to bite & will listen to the owner.
  5. If someone said you are a purple elephant with orange hair, would you believe it ? Or, that there is a bus flying in the sky ?

Some ideas on how to change them

  • Identify what your beliefs are & why you think like that? The problem with core beliefs are they are deeply rooted this is why we take them as fact.
  • If you know deep down it’s not what you believe. Challenge It
  • Is you’re thinking fear based and / or is it something someone else told you. Like parents, caregivers, peers ?? Challenge it
  • A negative mind frame will cause a chain-reaction of negatives right through life. Look at your bigger picture of the future with pro’s & con’s are you happy to stay like this.
  • Challenge every single negative with positives to change that negative mind frame.

I hope you some information in this post to help you. Just remember don’t t believe everything you are told. Use your initiative as much as possible.



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