Anxiety is like a black hole for the sufferer but with the right information we can actually control it ourselves.

Anxiety is a terrible thing that people who have never experienced would not understand. That’s not to say they are mean or uncaring. It just means, they are not aware of the limiting effects that anxiety can have on an individual.

It is crippling for the sufferer in almost every situation. For the reason that, a, 1 hour meeting could cause you to be emotionally drained for the day, usually by the built up alone.

It can take hours to prepare for something because of the nervous built up. If we could just realise we are the ones who are doing it to ourselves with our thinking.

Part of being overly anxious is over thinking and major self – consciousness.

There are many types of anxiety disorders but I will use an interview as an example. The interview is at 3 0’C you wake up at 7. Your day goes a little something like this.Wake up & follow your usual routine.

9AM) You start to panic about all the ways you could mess this up. First you start to focus on what to wear before you know it your whole wardrobe is on the floor & you have nothing to wear. This goes on for at least 2 hours you’re in a complete state of panic about clothes.

11AM) You have finally found something to wear but you’re not happy with it & don’t think the employer will be either. On top of everything else you are worrying yourself senseless about your clothes. You start to practice the interview. Instead of looking at all your strengths you berate yourself with all the negatives. This sends you off into a frenzy. Why would i apply for this job I’m not;

  • Qualified
  • Skilled
  • Knowledgeable

The list could go on forever. By doing this, before an interview we make ourselves physically sick.

2PM) Driving to the interview we keep ruminating about all the bad stuff. By the time the interview begins we are exhausted. We have drained the living daylights our of ourselves.

3PM) Interview time. The receptionist gives you a form to fill out. Reading the questions your begin to feel panicked, sweating like crazy, get a dry mouth, muscle tense up even in face because of the self-consciousness. The interviewer comes to shake your hand its dripping with sweat which makes up really embarrassed. However, you can’t say I’m not shaking your hand. This alone makes you super uncomfortable. Once the interview starts you are exhausted the mind just goes blank. Can’t answer the questions, heart is racing & now the sweating is unbearable. Finish the interview & say thanks.

On the way home you can’t remember what you just said, how it went, nothing. The anxiety took over & you could not control it because you were so self-conscious.

There is no sure cause of anxiety but there is one thing for sure that will not help & that is your thinking. When we are anxious we unconsciously use all of our energy to protect ourselves. That is not what happens we actually drain ourselves to the lowest. I have done it so many times & still do it fascinates me.

There are some things we can do to lighten the load I found a course of Cognitive behavioural therapy to be an excellent source at teaching me how to control it myself. It still happens just not as much because I can control it now. What CBT does is amazing it works through a 12 step programme of distorted thinking which the majority suffer with in some way. The main goal is to reconstruct your thinking.

Hope this helps 🙂


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