Deceitful people are not in touch with reality & are majorly lacking empathy. Anything goes, even, YOU

Deceitfulness is one of the most off-putting things on the planet. We all do it, at some stage. Tell a small white lie or keep a secret that is only for ourselves. Unless, it is affecting our lives or relationships in some way. We don’t have to share with anyone.

However, the problem is when you are dealing with someone who spends their entire life lying & covering things up. These kind of people are soul destroyers. For the reason that, by, the time we have actually become aware of what is going on. We are, usually, part of it in some way.

They drag you in and down with them. It’s hard to distinguish why people would behavior in such a disgraceful manner. They are clearly lacking in emotional intelligence. A person who is happy with them self doesn’t need to destroy, others.

They are compulsive liars and everyone gets cause in their web. Unless, you can read the signs.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”
Mark Twain

So how exactly can you detect when they are lying ???

  • When they are talking to you how are they communicating ? Red flags ⇓⇓⇓
    • Are they looking everywhere except at you ?
    • Walking & talking
    • Use barriers like a table or crossed arms to block you out ?
  • When you ask them a question.
    • Do they willingly engage or get annoyed & change the subject ?
    • Do they get offended when you ask them something ?
    • If you ask them something about a previous story the new answer will be totally different
  • Are they very defensive of what you just asked ?
    • If so they cannot remember the full details & they know this.
    • Why are you asking me that, what do you need to know for, anything other than the answer.
  • They have a fake smile & laugh because they don’t believe anything. This, in my opinion, is because they know deep down what they are doing & think everyone is just like them.
  • They sometimes resemble robots. They lie so much then push it away & hope it will never surface again. But when it does, they are like a robot trying to access data to remember what lie. Considering, they really have no clue what the truth is or just prefer to deny it.

Its very important, when dealing with liars, to become of conscious of the fact of what they are doing. They are very dangerous. Especially, if it is, someone you really love. Meaning, family, friends, etc, because you will be more likely to take part in it to save the relationship. It won’t save the relationship thought it will just keep them entertained for longer.

There are many more ways to detect liars other than what I have outlined. If you would like to share any ideas please do 🙂

♥♥  Have a lovey day ♥♥


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