Are you a self – carer or self – neglecter ?

We are all a little guilty of self – neglect. We all know someone or it could be ourselves who is always busy, busy, busy. Complains about how they’re so tired or, this & that part of their body is sore. They always have cold, a headache, you get my drift. But they do not look after themselves in the slightest and expect to be well.

Regardless of your life style self – care is so important for well – being.  Mentally, emotionally & physically. So how can we achieve better self-care for overall well – being.

Mentally & emotionally
  • First of all look after your mental health. It is so important yet so often overlooked. Everything starts in the mind. You believe what you think so make sure what you think is good.
  • Learn how to meditate even if only for 5 mins a day It’s enough to begin with until you are ready for more. There are so many types of meditation that can benefit everyone. If you are always thinking how could you relax.
  • Stimulate your mind to change its focus. Read on a subject you know nothing about. You may be very surprised. Where this one may lead. Reading is brain food & you’re the feeder.
  • Practice positive self talk.
  • Use your logical mind less & the intuitive mind more to unlock the door to your creative side. Being an adult has it flaws 🙂
  • Journal about anything you like it’s a recovery in itself if you don’t want to keep it afterward rip it up.
  • Are you happy ? If your answer is not you really need to find out why. Life is too short to be anything but !!!
  • Get in touch with nature it has a healing effect for the mind
  • If you have past traumas you need to release them in order to more forward. There is no exact way to do this as we are all different but you need to do it for your mental health.
  • Make a habit of catching a sunrise or a sunset you will never cease to be amazed no two will ever be the same.
  • Limit your technology use. As good as it is for info. Unfortunatley, your eyes & mind dont appreciate it that much.
  • Animals are the best thing in the world for mental health they are so mindful & happy all the time. When I walk my dog I love how she smells the flowers.

“Meditation is not hocus pocus its mind stability.”



  • Look after your diet. Limit sugar, salt , junk food. It’s this simple they are bad for us.
  • Start to get fit find your exercise of choice there are so many yoga, gym, boxing, walking, running, hiking. Find yours for enjoyment also.
  • Look after your skin find out your skin type & care for it. If money is an issue there are loads of tips for at home. Research is key
  • Practice breathing  correctly it is essential for health.
  • laugh lots
  • Learn the connection between emotions & physical outcomes
  • Have a pamper session once a week at home. A bath is unbelievable therapy with some Epsom salts & aromatherapy oils. Followed by a lovely oil or cream
  • Start listening to peaceful music it has a lovely effect on the whole being
  • Choose who you spend you time with wisely being drained is no good.
  • Do something once a day that will benefit you. Take an hour everyday & yes it is possible. You have to make that time for you it’s your responsibility.

If you would like to add any more suggestions please do so comment away. It’s always nice for people to share with each other how & what works for them. After all knowledge passed on is how we learn.

♥♥ I really do hope you have a lovely day ♥♥


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