The woman with the heart of gold

Once upon a time

There was a woman with a heart of gold

unfortunately the world turned it to stone

she suffered unbelievable counts of trauma

that were too cold for her soul to handle

instead of searching for a solution

she closed herself off

& became an empty

shell of a


Next time you find yourself dealing with a person who seems soulless maybe they are.

Not always, but usually there is a good reason for it. I’m not suggesting tolerate their awful behaviour just take into account there may more to them than meets the eye like who they really are & what ever happened to them made them this way.

Be the one to show them altruism. Not more hurt. Don’t get hurt in the process if they are really difficult no more than 30 minutes is enough. Just be kind.

Just to clarify I’m not referring to a dangerous person 🙂

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥



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