I tried something different today & found a nice little bargain

Today I met up with a friend for some lunch which was obviously planned so no surprises there. We had a lovely day in a beautiful part of Ireland. I was on a kind of deadline as I offered someone a lift in the late afternoon.

So on the way home i passed a garden centre not your typical one. A family run one it is not the first time I have seen it but I just never went in. So today, I said while I’m passing ill check it out really quickly.

There was a lovely long driveway up to the house & gardens. At the top when I parked in the garden was beautiful, so many different trees & colorful flowers with a lovely pond area. I strolled around & really took it in. Then was approached by the owner who told me about the inside of the house where I could get some coffee & buys books. I loveeeeeeeeee to read so I was over the moon.

Not only did I find books that are on my to read list, I got 5 of them for 5 so 1 each !!!! They are expensive books should have cost at least 70 altogether & thats the only reason I haven’t bought them yeah.

The moral of the story is try something different you never know what you may find. Not only did I find a great bargain I stumbled across a beautiful place that I know I will go to again for a peaceful cup of coffee  & maybe find more bargains 🙂

♥♥ Happy days ♥♥


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