Book Review / My story by Dave Phelzer

This is a book is such an inspirational true story to read it is a book of his three stories put together childhood, adolescence, adulthood.

Book one: explains the unbelievable abuse his mother put him through as a child. It really goes into detail of all he endured but his explanation is so gripping you will not put the book down. His survival methods as an innocent child are remarkable.

Book two: focuses on his later life of adolescence and how he tried to piece his life back together & just fit in. Coming from such a disturbing background he has it much harder than people who didn’t understand where he was coming & unfortunately a lot are too quick to judge.

Book Three: He became an adult with still so much more to conquer.

My overall would be read it 🙂 its is an excellent read with a real eye opener of what can & does happen in the world. It can also help people understand when a child is being abused by someone so close, how it may look to the outside world is not what is actually happening in reality.



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