Understanding, is a very important aspect in regards to mental health. It needs to be fully understood in order to pass on the correct information, especially from sources like the media. We don’t need history repeating itself

I personally believe some of the things the media produce around Mental Health issues is an absolute disgrace. I believe a lot of  journalist write their stories with their journalism education & not with not an ounce of empathy in sight. Not only the lack of empathy but the lack of education around the subjects they are actually covering. Really, think of half of the crap in media today if the ones responsible actually knew & understood what they were writing, would they really do it ?

Take for example, the words psycho, schizo, nutjob, wako, there are so many more but just these few alone are an absolute disgrace but where did they come from ? Clearly it had to stem from somewhere & made it all the way to here through learned behaviour. I have seen people use these words with a smile on their faces, that to me, is a distorted mind.

Look at TV & how metal health is being distributed. When there is a charter with mental health problem in a program they are usually the main focus but it’s giving off false interpretations of what the illness is. No two people are the same & either are their illnesses.

Media had portrayed people suffering with very serious Mental Health problems as a burden and dangerous to society, when, that is not always the case but that is what most people think of people with Mental Health problems. It has been terribly stigmatised which makes people with problems terrified to ask for help.

If I’m totally honest, it is the ones who are doing all the judging that are the burdens & are the dangerous ones. In my opinion, they are the ones responsible for the deterioration of a person with sever Mental Illness. What chances would a person with a Mental Health issue have when they been backed into a corner and boxed off because of an assumption ? Ignorance is very dangerous way to view the world.

I have actually been made aware lately that there are halloween costumes out there labelled

  • Womens mental patient costume
  • Mental patient fancy dress
  • Psycho ward

These costumes are obviously made, distributed & bought by very  well educated, bright, happy, whole, people who have a very limited way of thinking. To make or buy a costume with such a title is very disturbing. It’s bullying in an acceptable way within society.

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
Jiddu Krishnamurti

I could write about this all day but i’ll leave it at that. Below is a one hour program called “Why did I go mad” it is an excellent watch for everyone especially those who only know the stigma of it. Please watch it to broaden your understanding of the Mental Health which could really help replace wrong judgement to compassion & understanding. 

Video Source : Daily Motion

I can see the video doesn’t work on reader so please visit my site if you would like to watch.

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3 thoughts on “Understanding, is a very important aspect in regards to mental health. It needs to be fully understood in order to pass on the correct information, especially from sources like the media. We don’t need history repeating itself

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  1. Speaking from the position of person who used to struggle with mental health issues, I do not agree with all the statements here. As I see it, the world has never been so open and understanding towards mental health issues. We do not lock the patients anymore in institutions without way out. We openly speak about it and people are less and less afraid of it every day now.

    I do understand your concerns. I am also often shocked by peoples opinions about mental health problems or by publications I see. I believe it is caused by lack of knowledge and sharing false statements about mental health issues found on the internet (what is being caused by the first one)… As you wrote ignorance is very dangerous.

    Thanks for sharing, it is always nice to read other peoples thoughts on this subject. I am very happy with your approach and I wish there would be more people like you 🙂

    Have a good weekend!

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    1. Hi anjage I’m sorry do you know what I am going to change the title of the post to direct it correctly. Yes, I agree about the world being so open & understanding towards mental health today.

      However, my main point was surrounding the negatives being passed on from generation to generation through ignorance & media giving off the wrong impression to people of what mental health actually is. Which in turn creates more problems with fear of something they have no experience with in the first place they are just going by something they have heard or being told. I myself still know people today who are terrified of the term & would never see a therapist in case they locked them up thats what they were told growing up.

      Is there any point in particular that you would like me to clarify incase came across the wrong way please do let me know I would love to. You too have a good weekend 🙂

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