How are you with time ?

This is an example of someone who cannot manage their time. They come across as all calm & collect “but, yes there is a big but” they leave everything until the last-minute and then ↑↑↑ happens everything is a rush. They’re running from pillar to post trying to get everything done all at once stressing everyone out around them that was once calm but speedy has wrecked the calm. The problems that arise from this kind of behaviour is

  • Never eat properly
  • Always late
  • Always forgot things
  • Always have excuses

They are like a rat on a wheel with time management. So how can they change.

  • Become aware of it first of all this time of behaviour is very self-limiting
  • Wake up, eat, shower, get dresses, etc earlier.
  • If someone tells them they always have excuses or are always late they need to listen instead of blaming the person who is telling the truth
  • Give self more time when nessasary
  • Stop blaming everyone & everything manage their time

Then there is this lady. She begins work at seven so how is she so calm? Well, she can manage her time because of that she looks like she is floating on air. Isn’t that what we all want in life to be calm, collected & happy. Don’t get me wrong, a little but of stress is ok but leaving ourselves running around like a fire just burned our ass is no good. So what does she do ?

  • She prioritizes, if she is in work at 7 every morning she will organise everything the night before & go to bed early.
  • Depending on the distance to work get up at least an hour earlier get ready have food & leave.
  • She doesn’t take things personally, if she’s late, she knows it & doesn’t blame the person who said it, instead takes the point on board & learns from it.
  • She focuses on her priorities so there is less need to make excuses.

So what are the biggest differences with the two of them

  1. The first one is on auto – pilot in a negative way they are doing life not living it. Whereas, the second one is happy & enjoying life.
  2. There could be a lot of blame with the first one it’s always someone else’s fault. But, number two can accept responsibly for their actions which makes life so much easier. If we always blame everything else how can we see where we are not taking responsibility.
  3. First works against time second one works with it.
  4. Change is a huge problem for number one. Number two views change as an opportunity. When we don’t accept change of any kind we can’t move forward because everything is always going to be different.
  5. She has a clear thinking pattern, this for me is probably the most important one, when your mind goes a mile a minute, your everything, goes with it.

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥

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