Realise worry is a waste of your precious time it does nothing but cause anxiety

Worry is probably the most useless thing in the whole world. All it really does is riddle us with anxiety, while we actually put the brakes on. When we worry we don’t usually do anything else.

How to stop worrying ?

1. First of all we have to become aware when it is happening.

Where is the worry is coming, what is causing it ?

2. Analyse the situation you are worrying about.

Get yourself a notepad, pen and a cup of whatever you like “I will suggest Camomile tea for the worry.” Give yourself at least 30 minutes. Write, what am I worried about? You will be surprised how helpful writing stuff down can be.

3. Be realistic with yourself.

Don’t sit around bitting your nail, constantly thinking about it or hiding from the worry it will not help or make it go away. It has to be faced at some stage. Unnecessary worry can be very sicking.

4. Is the worry about a hypothetical situation or a problem in the present ?

Ok this is really important for the simple reason that if it is hypothetical there is nothing that can be done about it, let it go. On the other hand, if it is present problem what can be done about it? Make a plan of what can be done, when it can be and, how? If its now, as hard as it may seem just do it. If it has to be later that fine also make the necessary arrangements of what has to be done don’t think about it until then.

5. Most importantly 

No matter which way you choose to do it, action has to be taken in order to release the worry. There is absolutely no point whatsoever in ruminating about whatever it may be thats causing the worry. Take a second to really look at the amount of times you have endlessly worried about something. How did it help??? I’m pretty sure your answer will be never.

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥


5 thoughts on “Realise worry is a waste of your precious time it does nothing but cause anxiety

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    1. That it, when we actually admit to ourselves whatever it is thats worrying so much & look at it a different, Solving it becomes a lot less stressful. A lot of worrying comes from what others may think & when we get over this we are going pretty good 🙂

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