In life there are always lessons its up to you whether you learn from them or not

Life is one huge experience made up of millions of little experiences filled with lessons that have made you who you are today.

Isn’t that a much nicer way of looking at life instead of telling ourselves of all the should’ves, could’ves, what if’s etc.

Although, the lesson doesn’t come until the experience is over & sometimes the lesson can go on forever making the understanding much harder to grasp in the process.

Lets have a look at this in a more define view.

Think back to a time you have experienced in your life, more so, an unpleasant one whether a relationship, job, situation whatever it may have been. Get  a note pad & remember this may take some time.

  1. Take yourself into memory mode
  2. What was so unpleasant about it & why ?
    • List everything about it
    • Try remember how it made you feel & why did it make you feel that way ?
    • Was it relating to something from your past ? This can be a very interesting finder.
  3. What do you remember most about the situation ?
  4. What was good about the whole thing ?

Now this is the most important part, after carefully evaluating the situation, what did the whole thing teach you from looking back at it. If it was a bad relationship, person, job, whatever, instead of saying that shouldn’t have happened or why me, really look at it with fresh eyes what did you learn.

This is what I found from situations like this.

  1. How to be a better person & not to be anything like that person / persons. Realise a person being nasty to you is not about you it’s about them
  2. I was reacting a certain way it was in relation to my past
  3. Learn from other people don’t make their mistakes
  4. What I didn’t want & What I actually did really want
  5. Re-evaluate my beliefs & realised they weren’t mine to begin with
  6. Time heals the majority of everything
  7. Listen to your intuition
  8. Try everything once, how else, will you know if you like it or not
  9. Give second chances. However, seconds is more than enough, if it doesn’t change second time around unless you have a life time to wait, keep moving.
  10. Don’t take first impressions they are usually wrong in opinion, especially, where anxiety or shyness is concerned
  11. Don’t seek outside approval, inside approval, doesn’t need outside approval
  12. Enjoy every single moment especially the ones usually taken for granted
  13. Everything always changes adjusting is the way to fulfilment
  14. Forgive everyone & everything that ever hurt you, even if you think you can’t, you can & need to or you will bury yourself in resentment creating inside hate & you don’t want that
  15. Look for the good everywhere
  16. Get out of your comfort zone take time to try new things, like, taking to people you normally wouldn’t
  17. Use affirmations to create a better internal dialogue
  18. Do what you love to do never let people change you, if they try, you need to let them go.
  19. Don’t go in search of love just let it happen
  20. Finally, always remember everything in life is an experience with a lesson attached & learning from that lesson will make you very successful at life 🙂

♥♥ I hope there is something here to brighten your day ♥♥





4 thoughts on “In life there are always lessons its up to you whether you learn from them or not

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    1. Hi Ordinary_Madness sorry I wasn’t suggesting for anyone to practice them, I was saying they are some of the things I have learned in life from experience. Some of them, especially the forgiveness, has been very hard for me & still is. A lot of the forgiveness was for me not them they don’t even know they have been forgiven haha x


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