Not of asking for help is similar to drowning you wouldn’t survive in the middle of the ocean without a floating device

We all go through something at one time or another in our lives. However, it’s a fact that a lot of people are ashamed or scared to ask for help. This can usually stem from the background, If your back ground was strict & everything got swept under the rug more than likely, you are not going to ask for help. If faced with a big life decision asking for support or help can minimise the situation immensely.

By accepting the fact that the situation has gotten out of hand will help you take the first step in asking for help. When we go into denial & keep telling ourselves it’s not that bad, that is exactly when, it only gets worse.

What is it you need help with ? Take a pen & paper, really go into detail with this for yourself where are you stuck. This will help you seek the right information. Unfortunately, so many people seek help & when it is the wrong help they get the wrong advice & give up. Don’t give up.

Look for someone qualified in the area you need help with, have a look here are my resources page I have listed many services if there is anything else that may be of help please comment & I will try find it for you.

Educate yourself in areas that you may find helpful to gain a better understanding. Sometimes when we are not sure of what we are looking for giving up is easier but it’s not in the long run. Use your resilience to get your through.

Don’t feel like a helpless victim when people offer you help, you’re not, without help sometimes moving forward is impossible. As well as getting help you can solve some of the problem  yourself too. Show yourself how good you are 🙂

Just remember you have to put your pride away when asking for help. If you are going to let pride get in the way you will stay stuck. I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes.

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥


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