If you spend your life collecting things how can you enjoy them or your life ?

Have you ever just stood & looked around your house & thought what is all this stuff ? We all do it. Spend stupid amounts of money on things, clothes, cosmetics, food, anything on a bargain. It is usually not anything we need & will probably never wear or use any of it. But, it was a bargain at the time.

This kind of impulse spending is a cover up for what we really need to address in our lives.

I use to do it myself. I would go out for one thing and spend so much money on so much crap. When you keep shopping & spending to fill your house with un stuff. How, would you find the time to organise your life. When you have, all this new shiny STUFF to play with. It’s a great distraction. It’s boarding on hoarding.

“Become consciousness of the fact that things will only bring happiness for a very short amount of time.

“Inner peace is not something you can buy .”


  1. The next time you go out instead of taking a shopping day to spend most of all your money on stuff you don’t need. Try something else. Go on a train ride or if you have a car go in the car. Drive to some part of your area you have never seen before. Possibly a green area. It really will surprise you to see parts of your own county you never even knew they existed.
  2. Slowly begin to organise. Take it, one step at a time. It would be impossible to do it all in one day. Really go all out take everything from cupboards, wardrobes, storage spaces. Try to be as mindful as possible doing this & you will really be in disbelief of what you have accumulated over time. If there is anything you can sell go for it. If not, have boxes or bags to put the unwanted things in & take them to a charity shop. Not only are you de-cluttering you are helping others in need.
  3. Before you store anything really look at it. Its it going to be used? Is it needed? Is there really any point of putting something in storage unless it’s going to be used. Recognize the more stuff you have the harder it will be to find things. This causes huge amounts of stress.
  4. Learn how to be comfortable with your own company. We are usually trying to run away from ourselves. Instead of every time you feel bored & running out to spend. Learn something new there are so many places online that offer free tutorials. Find your creative side, join a class, walk more, anything is better than spending unnecessary amounts of money you will regret.
  5. If you like animals and have the time & space I would highly recommend one. Not only are they a great asset to a home they are a much better way to spend a day than spending money.

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥



7 thoughts on “If you spend your life collecting things how can you enjoy them or your life ?

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  1. Outstanding article on mindfulness and making sure that what you own you love. I’ve been scaling down, downsizing and giving things I’ve had for years to other people, libraries got entire book collections I was finished with, and I feel so much more peace by doing so.
    I shared this on TotallyInspiredMind.com.

    Awesome meeting you via WordPress.

    Paulette Motzko

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  2. One thing my mom taught me: turn all of your hangers in your closet backwards. When you wear something, place it back on the hanger in the “normal” direction. After a year, give away or sell anything that is still on a backwards hanger.

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      1. I have also read the book by Marie Kondo called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. She takes it a few steps further than I would go, but it is an interesting read.

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