Change is Inevitable but we have to become accustom to it if we want to live.

Change is inevitable, it’s a fact that no one can alter. Unfortunately, it’s not a fact everyone can familiarise themselves with because sometimes the discomfort of the unknown is very scary.

The subconscious is where we store all the undesirables. Every now and again a drawer will burst open leaving us feeling totally overwhelmed, because we don’t know what just happened. First, the thoughts will start followed by the emotion, finishing up with the behavior. This can be very damaging for ourselves and the people around us.

Although, I believe when this happens, its your wake up call. Your subconscious is screaming to wake up. It wants you to find a solution to whatever is bothering you on a deeper level and move on. As scary as it may seem, change is possible for everyone and is also a must to move forward. You just have to believe you can do it.

You have realized something needs to change, your coping styles no longer work. You want to wake up.

It will be, by no means easy but it will be so worth it, to have full control over your awareness and not to walk through life asleep anymore. Don’t be scared instead embrace it, it is a new lease on life. Educate yourself as much as you can when it happens. For a brighter tomorrow.

5 tips for when it happens what to do

  1. Look at the bigger picture of what you are afraid of losing ?
  2. Accept it otherwise you are going to get stuck in the past.
  3.  Try to focus on all the positives that may just be around the corner.
  4. Realise you are a very resilient person and can do this, even if the situation & people are negative you don’t have to be.
  5. Stomp out the fear. Usually, that is, what holds us back in the first place.

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥


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