Do you know your inner child, if not, you really need to get to know them after all they hold your master key :)

This one freaks people out quite a lot especially “grown ups” When we become adults & hit mature levels, well, if that’s what you wanna call it, then, ok. We forget about the little girl or little boy that we still have inside of us. 

The inner child is, the foundation, for you as an adult. A happy inner child is a happy adult & a sad or unsatisfied child is, yep, you guessed it, a sad or unsatisfied adult. 

It’s not always the case, that it goes back to childhood but it is always the case that we forget how to have fun basically.

If for example, you are always serious & never take any time to do what you like in life you’re trading your inner child.

So what are some things to change this 

  • Lighten up, get to know yourself again in a childish way, what do you like to do 
    • Draw
    • Colour
    • Paint 
    • Watch Disney movies 
    • Do something creative
  • Ok this one scare the shit out of people. Talk to your inner child. If it was the case of a bad childhood, tell them, how it’s ok you’re here now & not going anywhere  ensure the baby you. You’re OK 
  • Heal, let your inner child heal if healing is necessary, don’t deny it or you will never pass it. Fist steps in healing is accepting. Shut that critical voice inside you up.
  • Listen to soothing music and tell yourself positive things. Like how good you are, look at all your strength & how far you have come. And at one stage, that inner child, was the one responsible for getting you to where you are now. Realise that …
  • Have fun, laugh loads, be mindful, play with pets, sing in the shower.
  • Do a loving kindness meditation


If we forget the inner child we can’t grow we have to accept all of us in order to be reasonably happy & content with what we have & the reason I say reasonably happy is, if you, can’t accept everything about you, even reasonably happy, is going to be hard to find. Look after yourself, always.

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥



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