Writing in a Journal helps promote healthy mental health

It has been proven that keeping a journal is a very healthy habit to have & you don’t have to have, just one, have as many as you want.

At the beginning people often say but what do I write the simple answer to this question whatever you want to write about. I will give a few examples below

  1. There is a method that is really helpful for people who find talking about difficult situations. Write down anything you don’t want people to see, painful memories, letters of forgiveness to people who hurt you, something you wish you had of said to someone. Then, read it to yourself & rip it to shreds or burn it. It’s very therapeutic 🙂
  2. Write about your strengths & weaknesses. Find out what they are, when you know then answer to this, nobody can tell you any different.
  3. Do you say yes all the time even if you want to say no ? Ask your self why keep doing it until you get your answer & yes it will come.
  4. Is there things or people in your life that really bother you ?
  5. What or who inspires you ?
  6. What is your most valued lesson so far in life & why ?
  7. Is there anything your life would feel meaningless without ?
  8. Who was your role model growing up and how has that changed
  9. What makes you happy ?
  10. Do you know what your values are & how exactly did you come to that conclusion ?

This is just a few random ones that came to mind the list is endless. Journalling, is an excellent way to get to know every inch of yourself, from, why you do what you do to how you think.

Some of the things you will gain are emotional intelligence, start a healing process, unleash your creativity. Try it you never know what you might discover about yourself. Write whatever you want it’s only for your eyes.

♥♥ Have fun ♥♥


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