If you don’t know how to relax. Learn. It is a very important part of healthy lifestyle

Relaxation is so important for the mind, body & soul. Yet, it is so often over looked. However, like anything, if it is not part of who you are you will not be used to it & may even see it as ‘TIME WASTING’

So how do we introduce relaxation into out daily lives & yes, daily because it is that important for overall well – being.

  1. As long as you are not allergic introduce aromatherapy oils into your life. They are an amazing way to increase calm around the home. After a long day have a bath & put some in alongside your bubbles, stay for at least 20 mins & keep breathing it in. Results: New relaxed person 🙂
  2. Get a cook book out, pick something you have never made before food or cakes. Give yourself plenty of space, be really mindful & enjoy the experience. When we enjoy cooking instead of seeing it as a chore it is relaxing.
  3. Go for walk on a beach or in a park. Take time along the way to sit & be appreciative of nature. 100% relaxation guaranteed.
  4. Treat yourself to a massage. Not only will this relax you it will release any tensions built up in your body. Tip : If you have a favourite scent in aromatherapy ask the masseuse to use it as part of the massage. They should have it & use deep breathing throughout the whole massage.
  5. Get into the habit of reading it is very relaxing as long as you’re reading a chilled subject.

So remember if relaxing is not usually part of your day it should be. Someone on the go all the time, is signing up, for an unhealthy life. Looking after yourself is not time wasting its essential so go on have a bath 🙂

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥


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