Negative energy is toxic for you mind, body, spirit & soul

We all know someone who portrays some sort of negative energy all the time or sometimes. The problem with negative energy is, it is shit, for the holder & the receiver. 

Negativity is like a bad smell it lingers & serves absolutely no purpose. It will leave you exhausted from inside – out.  If you don’t understand negative energy but you are always tired around a certain person/s its more often than not their energy effecting yours.

A lot of people are clueless to negative energy, because, the word energy, means “supernatural” or some kind of hocus pocus (not really) it doesn’t really, that is that persons point of view or a belief depending  their subjective view on the subject.

Negative energy can show itself as a bad vibe, bad attitude, uncomfortable feeling around certain people, exhaustion. There are so many ways it can present itself. 

“Whenever you are in a negative state, there is something in you that wants the negativity, that perceives it as pleasurable, or believes it Willet you what you want. Otherwise, who would want to hang on to negativity, make themselves & other miserable, and create disease in the body.”

Eckhart Tolle 

Some examples of how negative energy can show itself

  • Gossiping – When you see it you will know it. The other day I was out walking & walked passed a group of mammies outside after doing the morning drop off. It’s different to chatting, they were standing with the arms folded, heads nodding & a sour look on their faces as they gossiped. It was clearly obvious they were gossiping about everyone & everything. That kind of energy lingers & is everywhere avoid it at all costs it will leave you drained from the moment you become part of it.
  • Complaining – There is always a reason for their moaning (In their head) they turn every positive into a negative. They actually look for the problem to every solution they thrive on bad news its the first thing they look for when they wake up. 
  • Belittling – there is no room for improvement if what you are doing doesn’t help them in some way they will attack you usually in a psychological way & make you feel like rubbish. They will attack you in every way they can to make themselves feel better. RUN
  • Comfort zoner – they are stuck in a rut & want to change but they’re so scared of  everything. When you share your stories of travel, new food, new people or anything positive they will either ignore it or tell you what your doing is ridulous & dangerous sense the comfort zone.
  • No Good Thing – they are always thinking about the should’ves, could’ves, what’ifs they never live in the moment always thinking back or forward. This type of thinking is toxic.

When you find yourself around any of this type of negative energy become aware of it & choose not to take part in it. For the simple reason will make you sick.

Negative energy is toxic for your mind, body & soul. It starts in the mind what you think you create.

Think back to a time when you were having a bad day 

  • what started it off 
  • what happened next 
  • how was your conversations for that day
  • how did you feel all day 
  • how did the rest of the day go
  • how did you feel when you got home 
  • how was your mood all day 
  • how was your headache 
  • how did your stomach feel
  • did you sleep well 

Always remember its your choice whether you are negative or positive & it is also your choice whether the people or situations you attract are negative or positive. (ALWAYS) If you didn’t keep entertaining them they would’t keep coming back.

If you’re standing with the gossips you choose to or if you’re standing with the chatter’s you choose to. You always have a choice & in my opinion, positive, is much nicer.

Realising, negativity is a choice, is the first step to stopping it. When we don’t accept negativity into our live its one less thing to be concerned about.

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥ 



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  1. It’s only normal to get a bad day now & again thats fine we all do, but the negative bulls**t thats created by ourselves is totally different I still get pulled in now & again but I’m now more aware of it a lot quicker than before meaning I can stop myself pretty quickly & change my whole day 🙂

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