Could a lack of empathy in the world be the explanation, in regards to, why people would do such hateful things to one another & show no remorse?

Ok, so what the hell is going on in the world today. We have terrorist attacks happening on a regular basis worldwide at the moment & I understand that the terrorist were of a Muslim background, but really, to actually put every Muslim in a box & call them a terrorist is distorted, like, come on.

Where does this kind of abnormal thinking come from? Beliefs unfortunately, if you don’t question them you will just believe them & beliefs can be very dangerous in the wrong mind. What goes on in the mind comes out in the behavior & the behavior can be detrimental. As seen in the news every day!!!

Lets do a quick history check here of the disgusting examples of what hate creates

Image result for 1916 risingJan 21, 1919 – Jul 11, 1921

The Irish War of Independence was the fight for the Irish, where they had to fight for the freedom of their country from under British ruling. There were many deaths & even today, there is still a lot of problems regarding the issue considering Norther Ireland is classed as Britain.

Image result for the holocaustJan 30, 1933 – May 8, 1945

The Holocaust one of the most inhumane acts the world has ever seen. People were actually round-up & walked to a gas chamber because of a shitty belief started by one man who created an army to believe his shitty belief. Once the brainwashing was done, they murdered every jewish person in sight, because ???? They were jewish “OMG”

Image result for vietnam war children of american soldiers(November 1, 1955, – April 30, 1975,),, above is the famous picture of Phan Thi Kim Phu.

The Vietnam War, It was one of the most horrific wars to date. The whole country was torn apart & people were terrorized to death. Eventually, when all else failed, in came the agent orange which was distributed all over the country absolutely destroying everything in its path. People were left severely deformed which followed through the epigenetics leaving then next generation affected also. I’ve seen the effects with my own eyes as far away as Cambodia. The little girl running naked in this picture was a very harrowing shot portraying the clear  lack of empathy show to the Vietnamese people.

Image result for the genocide rwanda April 7, 1994 – July 1994

The Genocide in Rwanda was another disturbing act carried out by the two groups, Tutsi & Hutu they waged war on one & other. The death tolls were unbelievable. As you can see from the image above it would have been traumatising for any survivors to recollect what happened in that country in such a short period of time. Especially, children that never got treatment for PTSD. Instead, they suffered sever childhood adversity & became the next generation to possible do it again, because, they wouldn’t know any better, how could they ?

Image result for the klu klux klan

Racism, well, I don’t know where to start with this one. People judged people on the colour of their skin color & it still happens today. I’m not just talking white people to black people or black people to white people, racism and / or discrimination whatever name we want to give it is still a huge spectrum worldwide today & has a lot to do with the issues in the world. People hating people & they don’t even know, why, its fascinating & disturbing all at once.

Addressing a person by their skin color or their ethnic background as far as I’m concerned is racist. It’s clear, bold-faced, ignorant judgement, that shouldn’t even exist anymore but it does. Instead of learning from the past people are choosing to hold onto it like it’s going change something, it won’t. It will however turn your heart to stone.

All of the above are examples of pure hate, through ignorance, why else would humans do such things to one another? Look at any news channel today, it’s the same shit, just a different century & it has been going on like that for a very long time, is it ever going to stop?

“We make war that we may live in peace.”


There are countries still torn apart today because of war, so, whats changed really in that department ? There are still 3rd world countries, why ? People are being trafficked at the hands of other people for sex, food & drugs (modern-day slavery) 

Some suggestions of why this may be still happening 

  1. Incorrect education being provided
  2. Corruption
  3. Politics 
  4. Greed
  5. Repulsive beliefs
  6. Over bearing Grandiosity 
  7. No Empathy / Lack of understanding both very dangerous 

In my opinion, the bigger problem is, people with a very maladaptive defective thinking patterns, that get passed on & accepted as, beliefs. Which, when not questioned causes, a domino effect?. Just look at, the fashion or make — up industry, they are not defective, but, there is definitely a ripple effect for example, with “eyebrows.” Point being, hate follows, hate.

Very rarely, people are thought how to think for themselves at a young age. Instead, they are thought how to think like their “caregivers”. Just like clay moulding, after a very short period of time, it becomes rock solid.

Hate, is not innate, it is a learned behaviour, that is obtained through imitation of someone we admire, so we model what they do, to be just like them. Even if it’s wrong, it is human nature to take people & situations at face value that they are doing right. Even, if it takes a long time to prove ourselves wrong.

Example: I heard a parent talking about one of the attacks the other day, in a supermarket, the things she was saying in front of her child was horrendous. I couldn’t believe my ears, obviously she believes it was ok, she learned it somewhere & now she’s teaching it unconsciously, creating the future generation. It just takes, one distorted belief, to create a knock on effect. Hitler was the living proof for that one.

How else can we explain 

  • Suicide bombing & terrorism ?
  • Extreme violence that leads to murder or just murder from rage outbursts?
  • Racism ?
  • War ?
  • Sexism ?
  • Gangs ?
  • Homophobia ?
  • Etc

Really, would an emotionally intelligent person, who characterised empathy with a wise mind, choose any of the above as a life choice, I just somehow, don’t think so. It also has to do with what they think about themselves. A person, with low self — worth will do anything for approval until they realise they don’t need it, in order, to be ok. 

If everyone characterised self — awareness we wouldn’t do most of the stupid stuff we do & would also realize we only need other people to aprove of us. Take a drunk person, they have no self — awareness whatsoever, a sober person with no self — awareness is exactly the same, they don’t care about the consequences, if they did they wouldn’t do it. 

One thing is for sure the world does need is serious amounts of empathy & understanding & to stop blaming. We all need, to become self-aware, in order to, actually, be able to stop ourselves saying or doing something wrong before we do it.

Go ahead, question a belief today, do some research & see what happens. Get the experience necessary to prove it right or wrong don’t just believe what you hear. I know when I did, I was very surprised, by what “I” actually believed. 

Remember, a great leader, wouldn’t go to war, they would however, do everything in their power to stop it. Anyone, who promotes problems, is the problem.

I know this is a very hard phrase to comprehend, but ” By reacting, to the hate with hate, we become like the ones, we don’t want to be like , just in a different way.” I don’t know what the answer is but more hate is just not it.


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