Being ok with silence is a great way to get to know who you really are

Silence is not the best of friend for a lot of people. It can be scary and uncomfortable when we are not use to it.

But, there are many ways silence can be very useful & helpful.

1. It gives us a clean open space to really take a look at our lives. If your surrounded by people & noise all the time how would it be possible to ever check in with yourself regarding your life.

2. Meditation Is a great way to practice silence. As well as teaching you how to become very comfortable with silence it also teaches you how to become very comfortable with yourself. If it is not something your used to, it can be the most uncomfortable thing in the world. The body will tense up a lot when not used to it because we feel like we should be doing something or saying something and that silence is weird. No it’s not.

3. It actually helps us log into our inner self. Teaching us how to use our emotions, thinking skills, come up with original creative ideas, understand empathy, become a better listener the benefits are tremendous. I come from a very loud back ground so silence was very hard for me now I love it too much 🙂

4. Did you ever meet the person who asks and answers their own questions, always has something to say, never allows for silence??? There is absolutely no room for improvement in this kind of relationship whether it’s with family, friends, partner etc. The other person, who ever it may be, will never felt heard and understood.

5. Great wisdom comes from silence it gives you a chance to reflect before you respond or speak out. By using the silence wisely in a group setting, one on one, any kind of conversation,  you actually hear exactly  what is being said so you can make a good contribution to the conversation not just an impulse reaction. A great listener becomes very wise.

I Hope you can find something in the above useful for yourself & if there is anything you would like to add comment away.

Written By Siobhan


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