Do you use your choices wisley ?

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to understand for everyone, that we actually do, always have a choice. The first step in taking control of our choices is realising we have them in the first place.

So how do we do that??

1. This could be a big one for a lot of people.

Realize no one has the power to make you feel any way or do anything without your permission. Sounds so easy but it is not always the case & may be very hard for some people to comprehend, depending on the circumstances. However, realize it is very possible you just have to believe it.

2. Look at the bigger picture.

Your in a job, relationship, whatever it may be that you don’t like and it doesn’t make you happy. Its time to ask yourself, Why? You are the only one who can answer any questions regarding your life, you are making the choices after all to stay stuck. If your not happy, you have the choice to change that status.

3. Pleasing others.

To often, people will continue on the same path in life while on auto-pilot. This makes the realisation, of the facts that are right in front of them very hard to see. Sometimes, the facts are very hard to face, but, living a life pleasing others & not fulfilling your full potential will do you no favours in the end.

4.what are you afraid of ?

Usually, when giving our choices away, there is a fear of what will happen if I make the wrong decision. You can’t make the wrong decision, if it doesn’t work, at least you know you tried. Experience wouldn’t exist without trying and if you never try, well you will never know.

5. Ahh the unknown 

This is definitely a scary thought especially if you have been living a certain way for a very long time. Stepping out of the comfort zone is undeniably daunting, but it is very much do-able. As scary as it may seem you have to push yourself. By making your own choices about your life , who knows what might happen.

Remember if there is something you are not happy with today, why not ? Can you make a choice to change it ? If you can do it 🙂

Choose to make your life your kind of happy.

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥

Written By Siobhan



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