Why I decided to become a veggie & am i happy with the decision ?

There was a time, when I would have looked at people who said they were veggie or vegan, as very weird people.

I would have actually thought, there was something seriously wrong with those type of people. Always at the back of my would have been, what do you eat to survive?

Now it’s, how can you eat that, not out loud obviously 🙂 Not only have I made a massive change in my diet, I proved to myself anything is possible. It is not something that would have ever crossed my mind, I loved my steak tooooooooo much, “I would literally order rare meat” 🤢🤢🤢

So what changed ???

First it began with introducing pets into my life. I learned to love them very much, they sleep in the bed beside me, they actually look after us in their own way.

Honestly, this didn’t set off to many bells for me, because really, before it really sinks in, it’s ok to eat a steak sandwich in front of our cats & dogs, it’s the norm really. It’s ok to chomp on moo while we pet daisy.

Then I went traveling to Canada & the More I was on the subway, the more I saw the vegan poster, I was traumatized. ⇓⇓⇓




It literally made me feel

  • Sick to my stomach
  • Guilty as hell
  • Hypocritical in every was possible

I really began to think about this & the more I did, I felt like shit. I had pets but was eating meat & using products tested on them, what sort of a hypocritical asshole was I?

That was it, I made up my mind I became vegetarian, moving towards vegan & I will never look back. It was the best decision I have ever made.

So how do I survive without meat?

When the mind has been made up the next part is so easy. There are so many things you can make from vegetables, fruits, grains etc.

I have smoothies packed with vitamins every morning, rice dinners with loads of veg, pasta dinners with loads of veg, all my carbs are gluten-free to be healthier again.

There is a huge variety of diet options that are cruelty-free, we are thought to eat meat, unless out parents or guardians are veg or vegan, that’s why we never question it.

This video explains it brilliantly


Image source : http://veganspot.net/toronto-subway-poster-campaign/

Video Source : YouTube

Written By Siobhan


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