I decided to become vegetarian because I had a real wake up call to animal cruelty more than once

There was a time, when I would have looked at people who said they were veggie or vegan, as very weird people. Now I am one 🙂

I would have actually thought, there was something seriously wrong with those type of people. Always at the back of my would have been, what do you eat to survive ?

Now it’s, how can you eat that, not out loud obviously 🙂 Not only have I made a massive changes in my diet, I proved to myself  anything is possible. It is not something that would have ever crossed my mind, I loved my steak tooooooooo much, “I would literally order rare meat”

So what changed ??? I began to notice how people used animals for entertainment at a cruel level & it made me sick

  • First it began when I was on holiday in Florida, I went on a day trip to SeaWorld with my brothers & sisters. After the Shamu show “which at the time looked great” we went browsing for somewhere to eat. I can’t remember the name of it,  we went in sat down, had a look at the menu, everything looked great until I realised we were sitting in a restaurant that served fish & they also swam all around us in the glass tunnels. This was highly disturbing for me to watch.
  • Second time, In Thailand, decided to go elephant trekking, it’s the thing all backpackers want to do. When we got up on the podium to get on the elephant I remember thinking, I don’t want to do this but, they had already started moving. There was a little girl no more than 10 leading the way, the elephant was being slightly disobedient so she jabbed a big steel stick in the elephants eye to control the poor thing, I was horrified. It lasted all of 20 mins the whole time I just wanted to get off & see was the elephant ok. When we got back to base they wouldn’t answer anything I asked, I remember feeding the elephants some bananas, the poor things were exhausted their faces & everything were sunken. To say it was horrible is an understatement.
  • Then introducing pets into my life, I learned to love them very much, they sleep in the bed beside me, they actually look after us in their own way. I realised, they are not just animals they are family.
  • Then the final straw was, I went travelling to Canada & the More I was on the subway, the more I seen the vegan poster, I was traumatized. ⇓⇓




It literally made me feel

  • Sick to my stomach
  • Guilty as hell
  • Hypocritical in every was possible




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