Sometimes looking back will give you the answers to move forward

I always see people sharing quotes about the past, forget it, don’t look back, etc.

I think it’s okay to look back, even necessary, sometimes to really realise how far one has really come on their journey.

When you look back at situations that seemed unbearable at that time, look back at them now in order to see, just how far you have come & realise it was you that got you here today.

I don’t agree with just “forget about it” for the reason that it is denial & denial causes serious mental health problems.

How to look back without damaging yourself in the process.

  1. Be sure that you are really ready for the journey that you are about to take, sometimes it can cause a lot of upset. If you have processed correctly the back tracking won’t seem so bad.
  2. Try to remember as much of the bad situation as possible (Not trauma) & really look at what you have over come. The strength you have that let you do that, be very proud of yourself, you are a legend.
  3. What did that whole thing teach you, if you have never thought about it before do it now, I guarantee you, there was some sort of lesson attached that hopefully you learned from it.
  4. Use whatever you learned from that lesson the whole way through life meaning you will always be prepared.
  5. Finally be happy & proud of who you are, don’t let a past mistake, create your future. It was in the past, don’t forget about it instead learn from it & grown.

Just wanted to keep this one short & sweet 🙂

Written By Siobhan 



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