Is it fair to say the teaching’s of healthy mental health is 100 % mandatory for parents to do a good job ?

Take for example, millenialnals they were born into an era of technology, travel & freedom. Now, think of their parents, they were born into uncertainty, world movement due to past error. And, their parents were born into the time of Vietnam war = lots of fear, parenting = they will just do what they are told, food you will get what your given.

Unfortunately, correct parenting was never something that was thought & really is still not. At one point in life for a very long time, there was no rules for parents, it was ok to do what you wanted to your child “for the reason it is yours” It’s hard to believe people actually lived by theses rules, accepted them & onlooker’s actually believed it was ok for a parent to beat their child senseless because it was their business. That is why Dave Phelzer’s story exists today.

All that being said how do we move past it once it has happened ? The problem with bad parenting or uneducated parenting is, they are setting the foundation for the future generation. So if they teach bad that’s what’s ahead for the future ? Lots of anger due to a misunderstanding of ourselves to pass on.

The biggest problem being the foundation is rock hard & needs to be smashed to pieces to rebuild it, how ?

Humanism is an approach where the person is the centre of their own life, it has been around for a very long time. However, all the followers didn’t believe we could make our own decisions, everyone else knew what was best for everyone else & would not listen to the “love breathing hippies because it was so much better to be a dictator”

Thanks to Carl Rogers & Abraham Maslow the world has slowly began to see the humanist approach which puts the person as the main centre of their own life. It helps people understand everything in their lives based on their subjective view of the world. And, that there is so much more to a person than their behaviour. Really, think about it why would a person make a conscious choice to do wrong ?

In my opinion, a person who does terrible things is a person terrible things were done to.

The only issue with this is a child can’t make its own decisions until it is 18 so the parent, guardian, caregivers etc, Is the responsibly party but what happens if they’re not ? If they are damaged, what good are they to the child ? None what so ever you can’t expect a cracked not to fall. Then the damage is passed on & 9/10 repeats.

So how does the world over come this mess ? I’ve come to notice recently it is compulsory to have a licence for a dog but, anyone can have a child, it’s a human right. This might sound harsh, but really, there are a lot of messed up people in the world because they never got help with their issues, then they bring a baby into the world when they don’t even understand themselves. Where is the logic ?

So what exactly is the issue ? “Mental healthit should be the most important thing in the world right now for every human being’s but it’s not. There is still alot of stigma & misunderstanding surrounding it. Money, War & hate is more important to a lot of people than mental health & that is a fact. The reason why people do bad things is they are driven in that direction for some reason or another but they can change it. The world needs more love not hate to thrive. And, healthy mental health is how we will achieve this.

Take a foster parent who is greedy & is only doing it for the money, not the welfare of the child in question. They will do anything for the money & themselves because they have an unhealthy mind-frame of greed that is only focusing on that money.

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥

Written By Siobhan





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