What in your life is Predictably unpredictable ? 

Ok so what do I mean by this ? We all have situation/s where we do know the outcome because it has happened before, yet, we keep going back for more.

Still not with me yet, ok let me explain 🙂

  1. You have a dog, who is lovely with people & dogs no problems ever. Then all of a sudden, it turns on one dog with no warning, you apologise & say how sorry you  are & can’t believe that just happened, don’t know what got into her. You now know, your dog has a tendency to bite but you convince yourself it was a one-off & won’t happen again. And, Instead of being the responsible dog owner you take another chance & let the dog off the lead, no muzzle, etc time & time again until there really is a problem. And, then, act surprised.
  2. You have an appliance at home that is ok but not great. Every now & again it will spark or give you a shock. Yes, its old but you are fully aware of the possibility of it electrocuting you or someone else. Again, you keep it because ? My answer for this one is trying on a few quid is it really worth it though. NO !!!
  3. There are two people in a relationship who at the beginning, really loved each other so much, it was impossible to keep them apart. Now, one of them has turned extremely violent and is always on a rage for any reason just to be angry for the release. This is a very common one, people who stay & say they didn’t mean it, it won’t happen again & it usually always does. Once, may have been a mistake, twice most definitely was an opportunity to test the boundaries & take full control (Prime example  of what happens all over the world every single day by men & women)
  4. A child who screams & shouts until they get what they want, because, they did the first time. Unless, it’s in relation to a disorder it’s an unconscious behaviour that has been thought on behalf of the parent, guardian, childcare,etc for 5 mins of peace. Those 5 mins of peace can become a life time of torture.
  5. Your own mood, you are aware of the fact that when life gets to stressful you have a tendency to get overwhelmed & freak out, like that’s going to help the situation in any way positive. Even thought you are aware it changes nothing, you keep doing it & the outcome is always the same. (I know because I do this one after a while I’m like what are you doing you just wasted an hour)
  6. A person who, borrows books from the library all the time & always returns them late. All of a sudden, this somehow becomes the persons fault in the library. You think they should just let you away with it. Ehhh no, you are the one in the wrong why not bring them back on time, problem solved.
  7. A person who is always late for a flight or over packs, but somehow it’s the airline staff’s fault for not letting it slide, yeh get a grip.
  8. Someone who never pays their car insurance on time or not at all & then they go berserk when they get fines & tickets, realllyyyyyy !!!
  9. A person who is always late for work, it was the clocks fault, my partner forgot to wake me, the stupid traffic bla bla bla this person is defiantly Predictably unpredictable & easy to replace.
  10. The friend with all the excuses in the world for being late, not showing up, not remembering a date, etc.

So, they are all they ones I could come up with off the top of my head today. Think about it yourself, where In your life are you being Predictably unpredictable or are aware of something being Predictably unpredictable like number 2 but just hope for the best.

By being Predictably unpredictable, we are aware there is a problem but are not willing to change it. Instead, we keep hoping for change in an already Predictable situation that we know is Predictably unpredictable & that is why it never changes.

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥

Written By Siobhan


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