Who, as a child & now as an adult, was, still is or changed as your role model. It can reveal a lot about you. PS it doesn’t have to be a relative

Role models are those wonderful people who inspire us to do all these great things in life but what happens when you don’t know or have one ?

Interesting, huh.  When I was participating in a personal development course a while back, one of the questions was who was

  • Your role model growing up & why ?
  • Your role model now, if it’s not the same person, why ? What changed.

It was a very interesting question for almost everyone participating. There were two who had no problem answering & the rest were pretty baffled.

Why ? Because so much can change in a life time from what you know to what you know, now.

The person you may have looked up to may not have been the same person that you thought they were and you look at them very differently today.

So to help with this, here are some ideas as to what to ask yourself. Some people may say this is rubbish or what it the significance to anything, the answer is a lot. In answering this question you can find our a lot about yourself. Go on give it a try 🙂

Need pen & paper and remember Remember, it doesn’t have to be a relative it can be anybody. 

  1. Ok obvious one,who was your childhood role model ? Be honest with yourself, even if you didn’t have one write that down & why ?
  2. Did your role models change growing up ? Why ?
  3. Who is your role model today, why ?
  4. Who defiantly wasn’t a role model, why ?

The 4 simple questions above as simple as they may seem or stupid will reveal a lot about you & your life up until today. They reveal your true character especially number 4.

Try to remember as much as possible as to why they did or didn’t change. If they changed a lot what views & values did you change in order to change them ?

Who did you realise you weren’t ?

What was it about someone who made you demote them to promote someone else ? What characteristics did you not like, why not ? Great help for realising your values.

Have fun with it & add your own if you want. It’s an excellent way to find our more about ourselves, in my opinion.

♥♥ Have a lovely Day ♥♥

Written By Siobhan


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