She passed on all that she knew a puzzle in a million pieces

She is a mom with the mind of a child

has a family full of beautiful boys

instead of looking after their best interest

she ensures hers comes first always

she has a heart of stone & a mouth of venom

that has created the upbringing from hell

unfortunately as adults they still can not see it

she continues to destroy their psychological wellbeing

having been told many times it makes no difference

 their ears are now glued closed

instead they will become just like her

as it is much easier to deny than except

this is how narcissism breeds in parent to children

Now they are all grown adults with not an ounce

of common sense between them

every decision requires an approval

before they can even manovere

without her consent they are in restraint

what sort of a life will this make

there is a puzzle to be rebuilt


the majority of pieces are missing

they will need to start from scratch

to be come become whole again

Written By Siobhan




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