Derogatory terminology why is it so offensive

Ok, so, in Ireland where I am from there is a radio station where the public get to ring up & voice their opinions, freely. Im sure there are a couple of these around the world in different countries.

I never really bother with listening to that or any of that other kind of stuff where people are trying to piss one an other off. Yes, sometimes I do believe there is a lot of genuine people calling but, also, a lot winding up going on.

So I happened to come across the latest one of the day, yesterday, on Facebook. I didn’t listen to the whole thing or more so, could not, as I found what some of the people were saying horrific. I tried to read some of the comment to see if I could make more sense of it. I could, saying that, the comments were not much better.

Basically, we have a huge drug problem in certain parts of Ireland, just like a lot of places around the world.

The topic was on drug users & it escalated pretty quickly. It was a very mixed, heated, opinionated discussion. What really struck me to write this was, the highly disturbing things people were saying & the derogatory terminology used to describe addicts.

The words, Junkie & scumbags being the main one’s, when did it ever become normal to call people these horrific names & think it was acceptable. This makes nobody better, worse, if anything. Don’t get me wrong, drug addicts can be a real menace to society, taking into account they use in the most irresponsible ways & leave a big mess for others to pick up. However, if people just tried to be somewhat more understanding & asked themselves, why on earth would a self respecting person sit on the street, in a boarded up house, etc. Injecting a poisonous substance into their bodies at any time of the day & just leave needles everywhere for kids, adult or anybody, even a dog to touch ? I don’t think they have any self worth or self respect, that’s why they do it. 

Not always, but a good majority of the time addicts are people with serious emotional trauma & they don’t understand it. Instead, they choose to numb it & lose themselves because it seems easier. Or, they never felt worthy enough to ask for help & the wrong road seemed easier. A lot of people don’t seem to understand just because they may ask for help doesn’t mean the next person will, we are all different with different backgrounds & up bringing.

Does it really make it ok to degrade someone just because you are annoyed ? Personally, I don’t think so. I think, it’s partially why the world is the way it is, people use their anger in the wrong ways all the time. Like war, if you drop two bombs at the same time you get a big blast. The same could be said for addiction, you insult the addict, they will hate themselves even more resulting in stronger addiction. How could anyone have self worth if people keep calling them scumbags.

Then you have to ask yourself, what on earth is going through a person’s mind who uses that word freely & thinks it’s ok.

  1. Is it more trauma, is it the case the person doing the name calling had a bad experience with addiction. Family member, being mugged, etc.
  2. Did they grow up in a setting where this kind of behaviour is the norm, so the ones correcting the ignorance, looks weird to them. I personally have come across a person walking down the street that spat on a drug addict. Now, where in a healthy functioning mind would that come from ? I believe that kind of hate is a learned behaviour.

So many people world wide, don’t realise they have deep routed stuff going on in the unconscious mind that can easily be triggered without warning. Hence, unconscious reactions, it happens because the past situations were never processed they  were pushed down instead. It was easier, no one wants to deal with the pain of working through a storm its easier to pretend  it never happened. As a consequence, nearly every time a similar situation rear’s its ugly head, bang, there is the reaction. Whether it will present itself as screaming, violence, running away, who knows, we all react differently but until we work through it we will keep reacting.

Not always but nearly 99% of the time there is a story behind the addiction how can people not understand that. Someone doesn’t wake up one morning and say hmmm today’s the day my dreams come true I’m going to become a drug addict and ruin my life.

Let me characterise this

  • You have a person, who is very proud & independent would never ask for help. He is a self – employed very successful business man. He is also, a family man with 1 child & another on the way. He begins to do the odd bet here & there. All of a sudden, it’s an addiction, he can’t stop. Eventually, he loses everything except the house. But, his wife cannot understand why he did what he did & asks him to leave the family home & also wants a divorce. He then, becomes homeless which he cannot handle, one night, another homeless man offers him some vodka to keep warm followed by a hit of heroine, drunk from the vodka he confusingly accepts. What else can he do, he has gone from straight & narrow to rock bottom all in the blink of an eye. But, he never realised, that one hit would turn him into an addict, leaving him on the streets for the rest of his life, with no where to turn. He never seen the man who got him hooked ever again, but there is one thing for sure, he will never forget him. The drug & homeless situation is who he has become, the previous man, is just a vision because his self – worth is non – existent anymore. He spends his day fumbling in door ways, thinking of his next hit, not previous life, wife, kids because now the drugs have a hold of his mind. A couple of hours without will make life feel like hell on earth. May sound far fetched but unfortunately similarities happen every single day thats why there is such a huge homeless crisis worldwide. And, it takes a really strong person to reverse these effects. And, sadly not everyone has that strength.

So my last thought is, always think before you judge because you really never know why someone ended up the way they did. Human beings, are very complex creatures, we are more often than not run by our own minds & don’t even realise it. Just one more stupid decision to “think” we are going to win the next bet could be the one to destroy our lives completely. Be compassionate & consider always the motives behind the actions, even if you don’t like them.

Written By Siobhan

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥


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