Have you found your self — improvement mode yet ?

Self – Improvement, is one of the most important journeys a human being can take, for the simple reason that, when we are improving ourselves it means we are fully aware that there are certain parts of ourselves that can be changed for the better. Now, I don’t mean changing ourselves completely, instead, changing or figuring out the misunderstood parts of ourselves, so we can become our very best self.

What is our very best self ? Good question let me explain in my own words. Our very best self, is when we are fully aware of our good parts & bad parts. However, when we are aware of the not so great parts, we have the capacity to change them. Or, if that is not possible, we can accept them & live with them. I believe, we really have to believe in ourselves for this to happen, we also need to have people who believe in us, for this to happen. After all, what good will someone be to you if, in the process of writing a new page in your life book, they keep bringing up you what you are trying to forget.

Saying all of that, this doesn’t just come naturally when you become aware that something is not right, you need to develop a certain new way of looking at things & educate yourself on what works for you. No two people are the same, which means, we will all most defiantly use whatever tools we find along the way, in a different way. You have to find your own way. You, have to realize personal growth is a life long journey & you need to train yourself a lot, constantly. Teach yourself how to deal with what is uncomfortable every single time it rises.

When we are lost within our own selves, what happens is, we create some form of a coping method just to get through the day. Take someone who, constantly goes red for no reason, there has to be a “why” it didn’t just happen for no reason. Say for example, when they were younger they were in a very vulnerable & uncomfortable situation,  didn’t know how to deal with it & their initial response was to stand their, go really red & do nothing. Now, in their adult life they keep doing it & haven’t got a clue why it keeps happening  but it’s so embarrassing. It happens, every, single, time they are confronted, just like in their childhood. Now, it has become an unconscious, conditioned, response to their fight or flight being activated.

Where self – improvement would come in, as a very useful tool in the above situation is, that person is the only one who can uncondition themselves to that spark that goes off every single time they feel like they’re being attacked. The only person who can do it is, ourselves. Outside sources can help with the process, nevertheless, the full process has to come from within ourselves. We have to train ourselves how to respond accordingly.

In my opinion, self – improvement is the most powerful process in the world, for any individual who wants to better themselves. That’s your very best self, you are willing to change or adjust, in the interest of not only to please yourself but take others into account. You are willing to look at all aspects of your psyche, in order to be the best you can be. That is self-awareness at its best. If you have gotten to that stage of life be very proud of yourself & never stop, because, there is always something new to learn. And, there is always something changing. It’s much better to be able to, accept & adjust rather than deny, suppress & get stuck. I believe change is always possible & constant self – improvement is the way to do it,  in order to keep moving forward for the better.

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥

Written By Siobhan





11 thoughts on “Have you found your self — improvement mode yet ?

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  1. I agree. Self-improvement is the core of bettering ourselves as a human being. If we want to be better member of the soceity, we first have to be the best version of who we can be. There are many facets and areas of self-improvement, covering them all would take years.

    I’ve started my own blog dedicated to personal development/self-improvement http://www.thesumoflife.com because it’s such an important topic. Check it out.

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