Who care if it’s Ethically sourced whats the big difference anyway ?

In the world today, there are so many products available, it is ridiculous. The next time you go shopping take your time & I mean really take your time. Look around at all the different products on the shelves of the same category for sale. Meaning, a lot of people are willing to do anything to climb to the top & no I’m not saying everybody but a lot.

When we go shopping myself included, we don’t go shopping to think, we go to shop. So, we do the exact opposite of thinking, we mindlessly shop, for what we need. Resulting in, absolute no awareness of where any of it came from.

If any, how many, people or animals were hurt in the process ? How much struggle went into the products you are purchasing ? Think of a bag of rice it didn’t grow in the bag, so, where did it come from ?

Im not suggesting anyone is bad, however, I am suggesting a lot of greed. A lot of people want to be rich & a lot of people need or want their products. Buyers & sellers know this it’s their job, they give you what you want, your happy, their happy. But what about local villages in poverty, children used for slave labour in order to provide for the developed countries, while their lucky to get a cup of beans for dinner?

Clothing, of all kinds, there is a huge amount of labour that goes into what you cover your body with. If you look at the labels, made in, usually the most underdeveloped countries. I wonder why that is ?

Or companies, who, do test on animals. It’s ok for the animals to be tested on, to suffer years in confined spaces, die from the chemicals, etc. As long as we get what we NEED isn’t that it. Pretty selfish don’t you agree.

Some people may read this & think oh hear we go again. The trafficking & animals rights from another one, but, the sad reality is people & animals are treated like crap just so people can become rich & have what they want.

The biggest problem is denial, if we continually deny the fact of the reality, it’s not happening, right. No, wrong, sorry.

Think of a dog fighting ring, usually there is one winner regarding the dog & two losers & many watchers in a horrible set up, for greed & selfishness. However, in this case there are many winners but a lot more losers. Vulnerable people & animals are being used as the bait in order for all the wins. Pretty shady don’t you think.


So, how can we help with this growing problem ?

  1. Be mindful when shopping, look for fair trade on food & drinks.
  2. Look for the bunny on cosmetics. We love what we love because that is what we are use to, but, change takes time & can be amazing. There are so many companies who will literally try anything on a poor animal for a sale, it is horrific.
  3. Realise, there is so much of everything because the world is slowly, but, surely, becoming severely overpopulated. Meaning, more business, less empathy, because, competition is a b***h.
  4. Go get facts, if you love to travel go to the locals & talk to them, ask them stuff. I know when I was in Vietnam the older women were out ploughing the paddie fields for rice, when they should have been, retired with their feet up.
  5. Become aware of yourself & the ever changing world. The more we have we really should ask where it came from.

Written By Siobhan 



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