A quick definition on mindfulness

Look at him, he is thinking “OMG” where can I run to & what can I find 🙂

There is a lot of hype nowadays about mindfulness. The problem is, a lot of us aren’t actually sure what it means.

Lets get one thing straight though, it is most defiantly not to stop you thinking under any circumstances. It is to help you quieten the noise in your mind, that always distracts you at the worst possible times ever like trying to enjoy yourself.

I would like to give my short definition of being mindful. I am just back from a very mindful walk in a forest with my dog. His name is Theo, I’m really considering changing it to renegade. Im sure, for any dog owner who reads this, you will really get what I’m on about when I say that.

When we are walking, open spaces are fine, but, as soon as we go anywhere near trees or bushes he is gone for the hills. Its like, the scents take him into another realm of reality or something.

So how does this relate to being mindful “I know I know” I’m getting there. I could get totally pi**ed off when he does this or I can use the time wisely to appreciate my surroundings and that is exactly what I do. When he runs off I really take the time to explore were I am standing & enjoy it, even If, it is a usual spot. I will find something new to look at every single time, especially when, I have the camera with me.

A lot of people say to me why don’t you just keep him on the lead. My answer to this is, yes, I can keep him on the lead but what fun is that for him or me. His behaviour is the perfect example of mindfulness, he gets totally lost in the moment, enjoying what he is doing. Thats it, that is all we have to do, just focus on what we are doing & nothing else.

I got myself a cup of coffee when we finished our walk & bought him a tennis ball to play while I drank my coffee. We both got lost in time for over an hour playing with the ball. If my mind was on auto pilot, running a muck with all the crap that it can come up with, I could have been in a bad mood, ignored him, played for 5 minutes & then left. Instead, I really focused on him & how much he was loving it. Which in return gave me great pleasure also.

Go on try it today, be mindful, if even for only 5 minutes. You never know you might love it.


♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥

Written By Siobhan


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