What exactly does trust mean to you ?

Ahh the big word that a lot of people don’t even fully understand. So, what does it mean from my perspective ?

  • T = True. It is really important for us to be the truest of ourselves in this world. What I mean by this, is, don’t pretend to be someone your not. If we are only showing up as a half arsed version of ourselves how can we expect others to be genuine with us, if we are not genuine with them. Ahh, see the problem with this is we are usually hiding behind some sort of fear that is stopping us from being the best we can be incase people judge us. And, for that reason we hide a lot of our authenticity, just in case people don’t accept us, approve of us, understand us. It’s fasinating, we care so much about people we don’t even know.
  • R = Respect. We have to respect one & other if we want to connect. To respect in every sense of the word from both sides. Have you ever seen one of those “”friendships”” where they share something with each other only to go off & share it with someone ? That’s not a friendship, that’s a need for belonging, built on disrespect. They need to feel like they belong sooooooo badly they will allow themselves to be treated like shit & will treat others the same way, just to fit in. If you have one of these relationships maybe you should reevaluate your values.
  • U = Understanding. To be understood means, you will always give the benefit of the doubt, until, given a reason not to. When we are understanding, we will realise there is always more to the situation than what is on the surface. Say for example, a teenager is wild as wild can be. A truly understanding person will, understand there is a genuine reason for their behaviour & they are not just a nasty kid. Genuinely, I don’t believe there is such a thing. However, I do believe when a kids needs are not met correctly, they will act out for a sense of belonging from anywhere because they didn’t get it at home. And, this is most defiantly the type of person who will end up lacking trust throughout life, in return for the lack of trust that was shown to them from everyone because people chose to judge them instead of understand them.
  • S = Shhhhhh. Be quiet & listen when a person is talking to you. There is nothing worse in the whole world than having a conversation with a person who is clearly not listening especially at a vulnerable moment of your life. We all know, one of them people who interrupt with “At least” who wants to hear this in a moment of weakness, no one that’s who. Instead, just listen & say is there anything I can do for you or anything empathic not narcissistic, ye know. And, if you’re the one with the inconsiderate one in your life maybe reconsider, why ?
  • T = Truthful. Be the kind of person who, a family member, friend, etc can come to & ask a question knowing for a fact you will not lie to them. Yes, sometimes the truth hurts, especially, for a person living in denial. However, all you have to do is remember you told the honest truth in the best possible way you could. If you go wedding dress shopping with a friend & the dress is awful on her, please don’t ever tell a lie not to hurt the feelings. Be as gentle as possible & say something like let’s try on a few more, etc. Never, lie & make a person believe you were totally honest thats broken trust on every level. You’re lying to make yourself feel better, not them, because you didn’t want to hurt their feelings. In my opinion, that’s worse than telling the truth

When we really trust a person we know they are never going to do anything to hurt us. They are the realist person you know, they don’t lie to themselves & most certainly won’t lie to you, this you can count on indefinitely.

They will respect everything about you including your boundaries, secrets, ect. If they want to say no they will say no, not yes & then complain behind your back.

When you can trust a person or people you will never have to worry about them behind your back, ever.

Unfortunately, trustworthy people are very hard to come by so if you are lucky enough to have one in your life never let them go. PS, make sure you are one also 🙂

♥♥ Have a lovely day ♥♥

Written By Siobhan


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