Seeing things for what they really are

It is so important now more than ever, that the world wakes up to animal suffering of any kind. I’m not just talking about eating meat, I’m talking about everything wearing them, experimenting on them & eating them.

I used to be a meat eater myself and I suppose I didn’t care what happened to what was on my plate because I was getting a feed of what was pumped into me growing up that was good for me. Meat was a very important part of any meal as I was told growing up.

Now, however, I’m a vegetarian and have been for a little over a year and at the moment I can honestly say there is no going back the smell of it turns my stomach. The thoughts of a dead animal on my plate literally breaks my heart and with the likes of the work peta do it is hard to live in denial to it anymore.

I’m going to write I’m my opinion what I think of animal cruelty. I’m sure there are many people like myself who grew up with meat being a major component on their plate. You see, growing up we are taught so many different things and we never question them, why would we? Why would the adults lie? The reality is they are not lying, they are just passing on all they know.

I’m a really deep thinker, I think into everything and question everything, I possibly can. I have taken to the path of spiritual awakening so everything is questionable for me now. This is a brief of how I realised animals are not ours to do as we please to.

As a child we had two dogs in the house, that were exactly that, two dogs. They were never allowed inside the house “dogs were meant to be outside” that was it. I don’t even really remember being allowed play with them. They “were smelly animals that should be outside”

I remember my first visit to Dublin zoo with my sister & mother & father. We where walking through were all of the rhinos lived and I had my fingers on my nose from the smell but I loved seeing the animals. After that, there were many occasions when we visited farms & what not & I just loved seeing all of the animals out in the open free to roam as they please.

I loved animals so much but this was all going on while I being brainwashed by society & my environment into thinking eating one animal was ok, while petting another was equally ok. In the West a dog is a pet but not in many countries around the world. Its down to cultural beliefs and nothing else, in my opinion.

By the time I hit my 20’s my favourite food was steak couldn’t get enough of the stuff. Medium – well T-bone steak with loads of salt.

One of my first wake up calls to the unethical treatment of animals was in sea world. At the end of the day me and my family decided we were going to sit down and have a meal. I’ll never forget it, as I was looking through the menu I came across fish, I thought to myself, we are here to see all the lovely sea life but they are also selling it on the menu. I literally felt an instant feeling of sickness to my stomach, I just found it so disturbing.

Next was when I was travelling Asia, the abuse I Witnessed on the poor animals around Asia for the purpose of Tourism was horrific. Big cats chained up, elephants beaten so badly to perform they are terrified. Elephants are taken away from their mothers at a very young age and beaten so badly they are conditioned solely by fear. Monkeys chained to peoples arms along bar – street areas for tourism. Monkeys are not toys to play with.

As I said before, I was a kid who loved animals so much but as I got older, not so much. I completely lost interest, I just seen them as an animal. The older I got I’m not sure where it came from but I hated dogs & cats. It wasn’t up until the age of 28 I fell in love with a pet again my little sister got a cat & I loved him so much. When I got back from travelling, there was a dog in the house, she was crazy. I remember the first time meeting her & thinking, oh god get that thing away from me. But the more time I spent with her I fell in love with her as well. Everywhere I went she was with me. I always remember i ended up terrified of dog never knew why. Now, I love them.

I went off to do another bit of travelling around Canada & the why eat one & not the other poster was everywhere. It just hit me there & then. I remember thinking to myself I love animals, I have animals & I eat them, what sort of f**king hypocrite are you? That was it there & them I decided I was going veggie on the first of Jan 2017 haven’t looked back since.

As a previous meat-eater I can totally see where a meat eater is coming from or a person who loves their fur trims & what not but when you see what goes on behind the scenes, it is disgusting !

What the world is actually doing to animals for experiment, training, clothing, food, milk, has become unethical. Maybe, it always has been, now we can see it with the use of the internet

Human beings are staring to resemble robots. There is no connection between the act & action. Personally, I find it highly disturbing. I’m going to add some of peta’s stuff for people to see what I mean. Please be aware before watching it is highly disturbing footage of reality.


I understand we have been doing it for years, eating animals to survive. But, it is not necessary anymore. So many animals suffer in the world in the most unethical set ups these days, for the mass consumption that is needed, for the over populated world we live in today.

Not only is it the food industry it is everywere just look at the video’s I have added if your can stomach it, they are unbleiveuiabe inhumae acts, on every level possible. I get it, in countries like Asia they are doing what they are doing to survive. It doesn’t make it any less human. What is happening to these animals, it is awful.

There are some subjects that should be made available to everyone in the world starting in school. But of course they are too complex, but math & science are not, hmmmm.

  1. Psychology
  2. Personal Development
  3. Compassion & empathy

To name a few.  One of the biggest problems in the world is the lack of empathy. The acts that people commit on a daily basis to hurt another person or animal is in my opinion due to a lack of empathy & understanding. Personal Development is so much more important than math, yet, we don’t find out about it until the foundation is rock hard & the beliefs are pretty solid.

If there was more focus on kindness worldwide there would be an awful lot less of this going on.

Written By Siobhan


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    1. Hi Adnama I’m only writing my thoughts and experiences. I wouldn’t expect anyone to do anything based on anything I’ve said. After all, that is kind of why a lot of the world is the way it is, people following what others said instead of having an actual experience themselves 🙂


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