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Hello & welcome to my website

The main purpose of my site is life from all aspects with a lot of learned understanding. As the name predicts, its all about you. What I mean by this is how we think, feel and behave is up to us, regardless. There is a freeing within ourselves when we actually understand this.

I have taken courses in psychology & have attained skills in Human Growth & Development, Humanistic Psychology, Behaviourism, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  and I have done tremendous personal development on myself and will continue on this course of life, for the rest of it.

I believe we are always one book, one person, one place, one experience away from something new or different. Have you ever had a really strong belief ? But someone came along and changed it.


“Learning is forever.”

My intentions are very simple, I will write as much as possible from life experiences, I have had or come into contact with to hopefully give some insight for other people who are having difficult times and are unsure of what to do about it. A lot of us have had or are having the same experiences in one way or another & to have the little bit of guidance is very helpful. I want to help make people aware they are not alone in their circumstances.

There  really is a sense of comfort knowing there are others in the world experiencing something similar. If writing about it here can can give some clarity and direct your path to change what ever it is that needs changing. I’m delighted to offer some of my info to guide you to your path.

However, please bare in mind anything on here is not under any circumstances to replace medical, psychiatric, legal or any professional advice needed. It’s only a kind gesture of guidance.

If you need professional help of any kind, please do seek it. By a fully qualified provider.

Also if you really like anything your read please do share it. To spread awareness.

♥♥ Thank you ♥♥



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