Are you a people pleaser ??? Do you want to change ???

There will come a time in life when a light bulb will just light up. You will be in the middle of doing something or maybe sitting at some event or whatever it may be. You will think to yourself. What am I doing here ? Why am I doing this etc. It's like you... Continue Reading →


I tried something different today & found a nice little bargain

Today I met up with a friend for some lunch which was obviously planned so no surprises there. We had a lovely day in a beautiful part of Ireland. I was on a kind of deadline as I offered someone a lift in the late afternoon. So on the way home i passed a garden... Continue Reading →

The dreaded emotions and feelings !!! With some self – awareness and understanding they really aren’t all that bad.

This is a touchy subject for a lot of us ehhh maybe most of us :). But, in reality we have to check in with ourselves now and again to check how we are doing and if the answer is not so good, find out why. If a bad day arises out of the blue, […]

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