Finding Inner – peace

Inner - peace  is something we all want, yet, while looking for it the majority of us don’t know what the hell we are looking for in the process. You see inner - peace just like music is not the same for everyone. One person’s inner - calm may be the idea of having a... Continue Reading →


Be the only person who knows how to push your buttons

I think it is fair to say every now & again we all get a shitty day I think we would have to be robots not to. The problem with having a shitty day is when we go into that stinky state of mind we lose all focus everywhere in life very quickly. We could... Continue Reading →

Some tips on how to build yourself up not knock yourself down

First things first, if we have a low opinion of ourselves why would anyone else see us in any other way. Not that we need others approval but for the simple reason that,  low self - esteem is pretty obvious & when we get stuck here we are also having a bit of a pity party... Continue Reading →

Is it fair to say the teaching’s of healthy mental health is 100 % mandatory for parents to do a good job ?

Take for example, millenialnals they were born into an era of technology, travel & freedom. Now, think of their parents, they were born into uncertainty, world movement due to past error. And, their parents were born into the time of Vietnam war = lots of fear, parenting = they will just do what they are... Continue Reading →

Writing in a Journal helps promote healthy mental health

It has been proven that keeping a journal is a very healthy habit to have & you don't have to have, just one, have as many as you want. At the beginning people often say but what do I write the simple answer to this question whatever you want to write about. I will give... Continue Reading →

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