Words of a clock

I see him watching me Looking for answers I don’t have I think he believes I can help him Achieve something that only he can I have watched him now Watching me for a very long time He will always look in my direction As if he is hoping for answers from me There is... Continue Reading →


He is Broken & is the only one who can fix him

He smiles, gives compliments, acts like a real gent then he changes becomes this evil man with no compassion, empathy, or remorse to show what happened unresolved issues that's what one day the smallest irrelevant remark made him turn all "Hyde” he has so many issues from the past that he never resolved & he... Continue Reading →

She choose to be her own Rock

She sat in front of the tv by herself in that moment she needed to make a decision was she ok with this or was it going to be the end of her she choose to be ok for the simple reason by choosing no she would be a very sad lady sad won’t make... Continue Reading →

She passed on all that she knew a puzzle in a million pieces

She is a mom with the mind of a child has a family full of beautiful boys instead of looking after their best interest she ensures hers comes first always she has a heart of stone & a mouth of venom that has created the upbringing from hell unfortunately as adults they still can not... Continue Reading →

He has a good life but still choose to focus on the negatives always

There was a man in his later years who has had a very full filling life  in his childhood there was trauma that was never ironed out It majorly affected his adulthood unfortunately leading to a miserable existence he spent so much time focusing on the negative he had no clue what happiness looked like... Continue Reading →

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