Simple answer in my opinion is being so comfortable in your own skin that nothing can shake that feeling well not very often anyway 🙂 Sounds so simple but it’s not really that simple is it ? Unfortunately, what happens is a lot of people are not living by their own values, instead, someone else’s.... Continue Reading →


Accept everything as it is right now & change your life :)

What is self - acceptance? It is exactly what it sounds like, the acceptance of yourself. Seems so simple doesn’t it, yet, so many of us either don’t know what it is or understand it in the slightest. The minute people hear anything like this, the first thing they usually say is “oh no not... Continue Reading →

Have you trapped yourself in your own mental cage ???

Self pity is the most self-defeating human behaviour that could possibly exist on the planet. When we self - pity what we are actually doing is destroying ourselves, literally. All because we have become accustom to using our minds the wrong way. It can happen  because of a number of things like, listening to parents,... Continue Reading →

Seeing things for what they really are

It is so important now more than ever, that the world wakes up to animal suffering of any kind. I'm not just talking about eating meat, I’m talking about everything wearing them, experimenting on them & eating them. I used to be a meat eater myself and I suppose I didn’t care what happened to what... Continue Reading →

Its that time of year again

New Year’s Eve the one day of the Year where everyone gets so over excited about the New Year, their resolutions & what not. Or, how they are going to change all the stuff they don’t like about themselves & their lives. I get it I really do, but, why do we wait to do... Continue Reading →

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